Potty Training and The Poopy Party

Potty training May was one of those parenthood hurdles that I kept dreading. And putting off. One reason was because I remember my nephew’s potty training days and just thinking about it seemed like a little much to jump into.

During my nephew’s potty training, we tried everything. Potty watches, rewards for using it, making up potty songs, reading potty books and the list goes on. It would work sometimes and sometimes he’d rather not go. No wonder this was such a dread to me!

At her last visit, May’s pediatrician asked about her potty training progress. From a pretty early age, she’d occasionally use the potty (the first thing in the morning) and then depend on her diaper the rest of the day. He told me not to stress it. Girls usually are potty trained around 2 and a half years and he said that after they catch on to the idea, they usually potty train themselves.

May has just toppled over the 2.5 year mark and I knew it was time. Was I feeling brave enough yet? No, of course not.

Then it happened. She woke up one morning and said, “I want to wear panties. No more diapers.”

She had received some very cute undies as gifts lately with her favorites including Peppa Pig and Nemo. She decided in that moment that those must have been way cooler than diapers and she wanted them.

I explained to her that she couldn’t pee on Peppa and Nemo and that if she needed to potty to tell me and I’d take her.

She never looked back.

So, there it is. I wish I had some awesome tips for potty training to share, but I don’t other than be patient until your child understands the concept of “holding it” until you get to the potty, keep extra clothes, and take a potty in the car on long trips.

In just a couple of weeks, she’s become a pro. She manages now to head to the bathroom without telling you she has to go, get on the toilet herself and attempts to wipe. She even washes her hands without a reminder most of the time. Glad that’s done!

So, what better way to celebrate such a milestone than a Poopy Party!

This is something that I promised her when she started. It wasn’t a big party but she was thrilled to be able to celebrate being a big girl with her cousins.


We had cupcakes, balloons, and plates with a poop emoji on it and toilet paper for streamers. Add in a poop toy and some new undies as a present and she was a happy camper!

Hope all the parenthood hurdles go so smoothly!


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