A New Outlook

If there’s one thing that I really dread to do, it’s going to the doctor.

After some gentle encouragement from my Mom (actually…it was more like 6 months of daily reminders) I finally made an appointment with my eye doctor.

I wear glasses only on occasion, while driving or trying to take in some scenery, so I wasn’t in no hurry to get a new pair after my old glasses got crushed. After all, I dread going to the any doctor, then waiting and waiting, and I can’t stand eye drops, and then the hassle of picking out new glasses….who wants to do that!

But I went. May wanted to tag along to see my eye exam…something she’d only seen on Peppa Pig. So the three of us went to the appointment (including my Mom to babysit) and it turns out my eyes have not changed that much. The bad news…the place I always bought glasses from was now out of business.

My doctor recommended ordering online at Zennioptical.com but I decided that I would go to Walmart so that I could try the frames on.

Big mistake. That trip took place on Potty Training Day 1, so I was constantly interrupted with bathroom breaks and walked out empty handed.

That’s when I decided that maybe online shopping could work.

The site had lots of affordable options and I uploaded a picture to get an idea of what I would look like in the glasses. They even offered 10% off my first order. I ended up buying two pairs, one regular and one prescription sunglasses. The total after taxes and shipping was around $55.

The only downside was I skipped speedy shipping and started to get anxious to see my new glasses. Even so, they arrived sooner than it said and I’m actually very happy with them.

Just as I expected, the sunglasses are getting the most use and I find myself wanting to wear them more often. It’s amazing all the new things I’m seeing!


I’m not affiliated with the site whatsoever but I encourage you to check them out if you’re in the market for new glasses.

I’d love to hear what you think if you look them up or buy from there!


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