Things To Do On A Rainy Day: Mix It Up

“Rain, rain go away. Come again some other day.” I sometimes finish this song off with, “because May wants to go out to play.”

Today was one of those days that made me tired of sitting in the house but it was just rainy enough to have to take cover. Time to mix it up a little!

May’s been to the library but it has been a while so today was the perfect time to let her revisit one of my favorite childhood places.

I’m trying to teach her colors and found so many learning opportunities there that I feel like she picked up on so much just today.

“Here, Momma. Set in red chair.”

Then we had fun creating castles and dinosaurs and firetrucks from the blocks our library has for the kids. She even got the hang of “blue” after I asked her to hand me a blue block a couple times.

I decided to keep the color train rolling by checking out books featuring different colors. (Along with a really cool backpack our library offers but I’ll save that for another post.)

She had a ball and so did I.

Meanwhile, in a state over, my sister mixed things up with her boys by taking them to her community center to play ball.

Check out this amazing shot my nephew made!

He’s got skills!

Hope you enjoy all the April showers that may come your way and don’t forget to play!


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