Getting It Right

Sometimes as a mom, I feel like there’s room for improvement.

Maybe I could clean more or make all the little cute snacks featured in magazines.

I ask myself, “Am I doing this whole mother thing right? ”

Put here is proof that today I finally got it right!

Yep. May’s wearing Friday socks…on a Friday.

Chalk one point up for me!

Happy Friday everybody!


5 thoughts on “Getting It Right

  1. I owe you an email but am too scared of my inbox at the moment to open it. So happy to see you pop up on my blog feed so I could say hi here instead!

    Saw a painted rock outside the library yesterday and thought of you.

    And, in response to this actual post — I’ve always been way too scared of day-of-the-week anything to commit to them. Friday socks on a Friday is a miracle! 🙂


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