The Best Things About Being Single

I’ve been single for almost a year and a half now and I’m starting to see the benefits in it. Being single really does have some nice points to it and some days I wonder why would I want to find somebody else. (However, some people I know must think there’s nothing good about being single because some people keep trying to play matchmaker…you know who you are!) 

Anywho…here’s my list of the best things about being single:

  • I can raise my child how I want. There’s no arguing over if she should be allowed to do this or if she shouldn’t eat that. I like having that kind of parenting freedom.
  • I can stay up as late as I want. I’m a night owl and in my marriage to an early bird that was always a problem. But now, it’s 3 a.m., I’m blogging, and I have nobody telling me to go to bed because they can’t sleep because the light from the computer is too bright.
  • I can eat when I want. When I was married, I felt obligated to wait to eat supper until my husband came home. Now, if I want to eat at 4:30…fine…no big deal.
  • Things run on my schedule. I have more freedom now to travel, go grocery shopping, go out to eat with friends, or anything else for that matter.
  • The house is always at a comfortable temperature. No fighting over the thermostat.
  • I can be friends with whoever I want. When you’re single, you don’t have anybody being jealous because you are friends with a guy.
  • I make my own budget. And I don’t have to explain it to anybody else.
  • I can bake a whole pan of brownies and don’t have to share. Of course, May gets some but that still leaves me with most of them.
  • No hassle over which family to spend holidays with. Thanksgiving Dinner is much more enjoyable that way.
  • Let me put this one in a nice way. Some people have wonderful in-laws. Some people don’t.
  • Half the mess. Half the dishes. Half the laundry. Half the groceries. You see where I’m going with this one?
  • I’ve learned that there were so many things in life I thought I couldn’t do but that’s just because I never had to do them. I’ve found out that I can learn to do new things to take care of my home and myself. (I even tried my hand at plumbing recently!)
  • I’ve learned who I can count on.
  • I discovered that I’m much more than the label of being somebody’s wife. Of course, my major label now is being May’s Momma but it seems like nowadays more people ask, “Hey, you’re that girl that plays mandolin, right?” than “Oh, you’re the one that married (ex-husband’s name here)…”
  • I’ve found out how strong I really am because I had no other choice. I’ve learned that I can handle heartbreak.

Well, that’s the short list. Stay tuned for The Worst Things About Being Single!


4 thoughts on “The Best Things About Being Single

  1. And one of the best things about being single is your and attitude about life and yourself and everything else has done a complete 360. You are the person that I’ve always known and you changed a lot. I think because there was lots of Times things in your life was not that great in your marriage and u just sucked it up and keep going. But now that you have the freedom you are a super super happy person

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