Mind Blowing Advice From My Two-Year-Old

Today has been a normal day in the life of a mommy…until nap time. That’s when the words that left my toddler’s mouth both inspired and shocked me.

After what seemed like the 6th story, May was still wide awake. I really need her to nap because I really need to clean. I was starting to get frustrated. I even threatened to stop telling her stories if she didn’t lay still and go to sleep. Lucky for her, Papal stepped in and he’s a wonderful storyteller.

May must have sensed that I needed to get some stuff done because she looked at me and told me to go.

I was a little slow reacting and so she made her point a little more clear:

“You’re beautiful. You’re special. Go for it.”


Not sure how that pertains to cleaning, but I think it needs to be framed or something.

How many times would I feel down or frustrated and then I could look up and see those words. Go for it.

Thank you, May for being my own personal cheerleader and believing in me.  You’ll never know how much encouragement you give me everyday, but especially days like this when you let me to see things though your eyes…without silly things like obstacles or failure as options.


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