What I Buy At Thrift Stores

Along with The Dollar Tree, I have another weakness when it comes to shopping: thrift stores. 

This can be a battle against my goal to buy less but I really find joy in browsing through what others no longer needed and finding hidden treasures scattered about. To keep from overbuying, I try to keep the list of things I actually buy down to a minimum and I thought I’d share some of the things on that list here with you:

  • Melissa and Doug toys. I love this kind of toy (and May seems to enjoy them too) but buying them new can sometimes cost a pretty penny. They are built to last so you can usually find them in decent shape in thrift stores. Some of the ones that I have found and bought include a Learn to Play piano, bear family puzzle, and a farm animal sound puzzle.
  • Specific things that I’ve been wanting to buy but costs a lot. Such as the Peppa Pig house that I found on my last trip.
  • Clothing, especially for May. Kids outgrow clothes so quickly and paying full price doesn’t always make sense. May has a love for shoes and seems to outgrow those faster than anything so if I can buy a pair for a couple of bucks, it’s a good day 🙂 Sleepers are another thing to look for because she practically lives in them. Sometimes I’ll buy clothes for me as well if it’s something specific I’ve been looking for but haven’t found in my budget.

Well, that’s about it! Thanks for reading!


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