Things That You Can Do After You Have Kids…And People Won’t Think You’re Weird For Doing Them.

My Mom always told me, “When I grow up, I want to be a kid again.”

As a kid, I always thought this was kinda funny. But now I know exactly what she means.

Childhood has so many joys and fun things to do that just aren’t acceptable for adults to do…unless you have a kid of your own. It may just be my second childhood kicking in, but I’m learning all the perks of having a baby and getting to experience all of those childhood joys again. Things that may have seemed strange for an adult to do before but add a baby into the mix and poof it’s okay to do again!

Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Singing random songs in public. Walking through the grocery store while singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” seems normal now!
  • Ice cream for breakfast. Okay, so I might have done this pre-May (only once or twice, of course) but now I have an excuse. “My two year old insisted on eating dessert for breakfast. Have you ever tried arguing with a two year old?”
  • Going to the playground. All of the joys of swinging, sliding, and see-sawing have been restored!
  • Going all out for holidays. Coloring eggs and hiding them? Absolutely! Write corny valentines to all your friends? Sure! Dress up and go trick-or-treating or talking to Santa? Almost mandatory!
  • Remembering how to be creative.  Like I mentioned in my Life Lessons post, creativity is fun and makes you feel better…but it’s something us adults don’t usually take time to do. Having a kid gives you permission to play with Play-Doh, tell stories at the drop of a hat, and express yourself with a little art.

So thank you May, for letting me be a kid again. (Don’t worry… Nana gets her fair share of being a kid again too.)


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