Lowering Your Standards


Before I became a mom, I had certain expectations of how I should be, how my home should look and what kind of life I should have. But now that I’ve faced the reality of motherhood, I decided that I’m going to have to lower my standards.

My home may not be spotless. You may have to cross an obstacle course of blocks, crayons and baby dolls that would frighten ninja warriors to find your way to the bathroom at night, but that’s okay. It means that my home is a place where my child has freedom to learn, explore and grow.

My wardrobe may not be stylish or trendy and may have a random stain here and there, but that’s okay. It just means that I am always in “play clothes” and ready for any messy, fun, and wonderful thing May wants to do.

My hair may not be curled to perfection and my nails may lack paint, but that’s okay. The time I saved by keeping it simple gave me more time to spend with May.

I might not be making a fortune at my job, but that’s okay. You can always make more money if you need it. You can’t make more time.

I don’t go out very much or spend much time socializing, but that’s okay. I’m getting to spend all my spare time with my best friend.

There’s things on my to-do list that will never get “to-done.” But that’s okay. Sometimes life has more important things for me to do.

I guess overall, I’m okay with lowering my standards as long as my standards of loving and caring for a child are raised. The rest can just wait.


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