What I Buy At The Dollar Tree

There’s lots of great treasures hiding at the Dollar Tree. Here are a few of them I’ve found:

  • Art Supplies. The Dollar Tree is a great place to buy art supplies on a budget, especially if you only need a small amount for one project. I like their googly eyes, glitter paint, and Modge Podge for rock painting. My Mom found this cute caddy for May’s markers there too!
  • Snacks. The Dollar Tree is also a good place to buy grab-and-go sized snacks for hungry toddlers.
  • Sippy cups. I’ve not had any trouble with their sippy cups and it’s great not to have invested a lot in case you forget and leave one at the park.
  • Health and Beauty. I personally really like Dollar Tree’s Wet n Wild Mascara. And it’s also where I normally buy May’s toothbrushes. Bonus points for the two pack of Peppa Pig ones I found!

There’s a few of my favorites! Please comment with what your best Dollar Tree finds are!




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