Life Lessons From: My Toddler


Who knew that such a tiny, little human who’s been on the earth a mere two years would have so much wisdom to share?

The truth is, I’m constantly learning from my child lessons that would do some good if I apply them in my life. The ways May sees things is that the world is wonderful and full of special things and you should wake up everyday with the goal of making the day enjoyable. Seeing the world through a child’s eyes is such a blessing.

Here are a few life lessons that she’s taught me:

  • Celebrate everyday and be proud of your accomplishments…no matter how small they are. May is always clapping her hands for me or giving me a high five and telling me, “Good job!” The reasons for celebration range from using the potty to fixing her a grilled cheese. There’s always a reason to take pride in yourself and to be honest, it makes other feel good when you take pride in them as well.
  • There is beauty everywhere. We get so caught up in the rush sometimes that we forget to take a look around at all the wonderfully created things we are surrounded by. She reminds me to do this when she picks up something such as a rock or a feather and cherishes it like it was some kind of treasure.
  • A little rest makes you a better person. Anyone with a toddler who refuses to nap knows that lack of rest can make us a grouchy, ill tempered version of ourselves. It’s okay sometimes to let the to-do list slide just a little and take a minute to breathe.
  • Creativity make you feel good. I’m not saying you have to paint the next masterpiece but taking time out to doodle or draw or color or write in a journal just feels good.
  • Smile at others. It brings them joy. I’m a introvert so I tend to avoid this when left to myself but seeing the joy that others get when May takes the time to say hi to a random stranger has got me thinking about trying to do it more. Of course, I’m no where near as cute as a two year old with pigtails, but people tend to appreciate when you make it a point to say, “Hello. How’s your day going?”
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things. So what if May doesn’t know how to draw a house yet? Do you think that’s going to stop her from trying? And she’ll keep trying until one day, everybody else can tell it’s a house too. She’s not scared of what others will think when she sings or tries to say a new word. She just goes for it and tries her best.
  • Don’t stress the small stuff. Do you think it ruins May’s day when she spills her cereal? No. Or when we are running late for an appointment? No. All that really matters to her is being together and being safe and loved. That should be what matters to all  of us.

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