Leave Your Brother Alone!

Nap time! Finally!

“May! Leave your brother alone!” Yes, she’s an only child. No, I haven’t lost my mind. At least not yet…

But I still find myself on the verge of saying this all the time. May’s big brother is my 18 year old (yes, in people years) cat Ollie. When I was a kid, I seriously thought about seeing if my Mom could adopt him as my official brother. When May came along, he really stepped up to fill the brother role.

Ollie used to set and watch as I fed her at bedtime. When I had to spend few nights holding her in my arms while setting on the couch, he was right there, keeping watch over her the whole time. I really expected him to be jealous with a new baby around but he wasn’t.

Now that May is a little older, she’s getting a lot more interaction with Ollie. They love hanging out together but honest to goodness, sometimes they fuss with each other more than siblings do. May will be peacefully playing with her Play-Doh and along comes Ollie to sniff it out. “No Olivet! Leave my toys lone!”

Then she commences to pick him up and carry him through the house. He doesn’t particularly look comfortable during this but being the gentle cat he is, he goes along with it. But I can almost hear him saying, “Mom? Would you please tell her to put me down? Please?”

So then I separate the two, putting Ollie in the pantry and shutting the door. He’s not happy. Meow. Meow! MEOW!

May’s not happy. “Momma. Let Olivet out. Olivet crying.”

It’s like they love to have something to fuss about. Typical siblings….


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