Have A Great Momday!

101_3871Nope. That wasn’t a typo. I did say “Momday.” And I’m not talking about Mother’s Day either.

I am convinced that in addition to the 7 days we have in a week, moms occasionally (or often if you’re not afraid to admit it) experience a phenomenon I’m going to call “Momday.”

It’s those days that seem a little hectic and you’re brain is all frazzled. For example:

  • I’ve misspelled about half the words I’ve typed already. It’s a Momday.
  • You look frantically for your keys because you’re running late and you just know your toddler has hid them somewhere. Then you look in your hand. Oh. There they are. It’s a Momday.
  • You made a point to do laundry early enough this morning so that you could wear your favorite pair of jeans when you go out today, go to the dryer to get them out and find that they are still as wet as when you put them in even though you could swear you turned the dryer on. It’s a Momday.
  • You wake up knowing that you need to make an important call sometime today but baby’s breakfast needs to come first. Then dishes. Then the tea party that just couldn’t wait. Then all the things that fill your day. You remember at exactly 5:01 pm to call. The office closed at 5. Yep. It’s a Momday.
  • You’re out and about and BOOM dirty, stinky, total mess diaper occurs. Digging in the diaper bag, you think, “Wet wipes. Wet wipes. Wet wipes. Uh! What was that? Wet wipes?” Only to find you have none. You improvise the best you can with wet toilet paper just as another mom who must have it all together walks in and looks at you with total disgust as if saying, “What kind of mom are you?” Momday!
  • You’re missing your glasses for days. Then you open the fridge. Huh? Why didn’t I think of that? Momday! Or, uh, maybe Momweek!

Whatever it is that’s causing you to have a Momday, don’t panic. It will pass….eventually. Just make the best of it and remember that laughing at yourself will usually make it a little easier to swallow. And remember that for everyday that you have a Momday, there will be some when you finally feel like you’re getting it right.

So get out there and have a great Momday!



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