The Ups and Downs of Living In A Small Town

The Hills
Life in a small town may seem a little cloudy but look closely. You may just see a rainbow.

We live in a small town. And we’re not just talking “on the outskirts” kind of small. We’re talking “tiny” kind of small. That’s the only kind of life I’ve ever known. 

When you grow up in a place like this, there’s usually two points of view: “I can’t wait to get out of this place” or “I never want to leave this place.”

So I wanted to hit a few of the highlights for both sides especially with raising a kid in mind.


  • You know everybody. And everybody knows your business.
  • So inconvenient to go anywhere.
  • Not many programs for children to be involved in. It seems like bigger cities have a club or class for anything a kid could ever want.
  • Not as many playmates for your child.
  • Smaller towns often equal less jobs so poverty could be an issue.
  • Parks in bigger cities have nicer equipment.


  • You know everybody. Which means that if you’re ever in need, there will be somebody you know, willing to help you out.
  • Going anywhere seems like an adventure to a kid when it takes a little time to get there and when you do go somewhere special, it’s more appreciated.
  • Even though there are not as many programs for kids to join, there are more chances to teach your kids things that were taught to you. Learning a new skill becomes a gift passed from one person to another instead of just busy work that you shuttle your kids to. Some of my best memories are of my parents teaching me the basics of planting a garden or chords on an organ or how to sew. All of these things I have found to come in handy and plan on passing them down to May.
  • With not many kids to become friends with, children learn to strengthen the friendships they already have instead of treating friends like they are disposable when the first disagreement comes along. It also allows kids to learn to enjoy alone time and to use their imaginations to keep from getting bored.
  • Not having an abundance of money means that both parents and children will take better care of what they do have and to find joy in things that don’t come from money. Never once while growing up did I realize my family was considered to be in poverty level. We always had food, a place to stay and had enough love to make up for any “lack of money.”
  • Now I’m not knocking my local park because they actually have upgraded to some pretty nice stuff. But really, the world is your playground when space is so wide open. And what could be better than that?

Well, I guess you can clearly see which of the two points of view I had.

I never want to leave this place….at least not for good.

Sometimes I get the itch to explore and see more, but it don’t take long to scratch it.


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