Where’s Daddy Pig?

daddypigPeppa Pig is pretty much THE THING right now at my house. With all the Peppa clothes, toys, the umbrella, and the desire to jump in every “muddy puddle” she sees, you’d think that May almost kinda likes Peppa.

Anybody who’s ever watched Peppa Pig knows the family is set up as Peppa, her brother George, Mummy Pig, and Daddy Pig. Just an ordinary family, unless yours is missing a daddy.

May’s at the age now that she hears the word “daddy” and realizes it’s a name for somebody like “mommy” or “nana” or “papal”. She hears her cousins talking to their daddy all the time and sometimes looks like me, “But that’s not what I call him. He’s uncle!”

So while playing with her Peppa Pig Castle the other day, she looks at me and says, “Where’s Daddy?”

“Um, what?”

“Where’s Daddy?” She asked again.

Hoping that I didn’t have to get into THAT subject just yet I asked, “Daddy Pig?”

“Yes. Where’s Daddy Pig?”

“We haven’t bought him yet.” I told her.


Shew. That was a close call.


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