Single Motherhood…Regular Moms, Just a Little Different

I came home one day and found myself a single mother. Never before that “Dear John” letter had it crossed my mind what it would be like. I had always imagined my nice little family to be Momma, Daddy, and Baby but just like that, I had to re-imagine my story to be Momma and Baby.

I know there are different examples of being a single mom. There’s single moms who have the dad in the child’s life and then there’s moms like me who are the sole provider and caretaker of their child. Either way, I have respect for any mother who wants to give their child the best life possible.

So that’s why I created this blog. To share my experiences with other moms and to have other moms share their experiences with each other. After all, we’re all in this for the same reason: the raise good kids and more realistically, just make sure they survive on a day to day basis!

So the goals of this blog is to make you laugh, make you think, give you good ideas and let you know that no matter what kind of mom you are, you’re not alone.

Hope you enjoy it!



7 thoughts on “Single Motherhood…Regular Moms, Just a Little Different

  1. God had other plans in your life, he will lead you in raising that child and giving you the direction to go. May God Bless both of you and meet every need you have. Put him first and watch his plans come together. Praise God he gave you this beautiful blessing. Love and God Bless your little family.

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